Vita Polysulphate

Combination of Potassium and Sulphur. Both nutrients are beneficial for plant health (K-41.5% & S-18%) and especially valuable for fruit crops to promote flowering and fruiting, good flavour and sugar development. Potassium is important for seed development in grains and cereals and Sulphate for protein formation in all fruit and nut crops, grains, and legumes.

Apply to all crops, where analysis shows a requirement for Potassium and Sulphur.

Use for soil preparation & all new plantings

Product Benefits

Transport, Storage and Packaging Information:


Store in a dry environment. Products contain organic nutrients and are thus unsuitable forlong term storage.


Talborne makes use of recycled bulk bags to limit plastic pollution and reduce costs. 500kg bulk bags may appear different to the images on the website. 

Health and Safety:

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND ANIMALS. Not intended for ingestionWear protective clothing and wash hands after handling product. In case of accidents or feeling ill, seek medical assistance and show copy of this label


Great care is taken to ensure the quality of this product; however, Talborne Organics cannot control the conditions of use, or guarantee the suitability of the product for each unique application, therefore Talborne Organics cannot be held liable for the results, injury or damages resulting from the use of this product, alone or in combination with other materials. If the product is proven to be of poor quality, or is damaged, we undertake to replace it

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