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Talborne Organics Technical Services

Specialists in Soil Health and Plant Nutrition.

Growing plants is difficult. Doing it at scale is an even bigger challenge. Doing it profitably & sustainably is the ultimate challenge!
Talborne Organics leverages 22 years of experience in the organic and fertiliser industry to provide quality advice to farmers and growers, to enable them to succeed. Due to our experience in the industry and the variety of crops grown in South Africa, there are very few crops that we haven’t worked with,
therefore our team can offer expert advice, relevant to your crop and growing conditions.

Our team combines the academic knowledge of agronomists, horticulturalists & soil scientists with many years of practical experience to ensure that our advice is not only scientifically correct but practically applicable and can suit your business’s budget. Part of our ethos is to remain humble, curious, and learn from what Nature teaches us every day

Join us in Growing Health: Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants = Healthy People

Talborne offers the following Advisory Services:

Crop nutrition recommendations:

Our team of qualified, BASOS registered scientists can provide assistance with fertiliser selection and application, ensuring your crop receives nourishment for optimal production. 

This is usually based on soil, leaf, and sap analysis which ensures that not only are nutrients available in the soil but they are taken up by the plant too. Should your crop require specific micro-nutrients, we are able to incorporate them into our products to minimize separate applications

Soil remediation:

The most important first step in regenerating soil health is to assess the soil and then make adjustments to improve the basic condition of the soil. These actions include addressing areas like pH adjustment, salt build-up, low humus/carbon content, improper cation balance and physical problems such as compaction, and low levels of soil microbiology. When soils are degraded, it often makes more sense to focus your budget on regenerating these essential areas rather than spending more on fertilizers with diminishing results

Essentials of Organic/Regenerative farming practices:

While we do not believe that consultants can or should take the place of the farmer when it comes to decision making, our team can provide advice on the best farming practices to use for success in Organic and regenerative farming.

Advice on converting from Conventional to Organic farming:

In Collaboration with our network of agents and consultants, Talborne has walked the road with many farmers who have switched from Industrial, synthetic farming to the sustainable practices of Organic and Regenerative farming. Although it is not as fraught with danger as the Agro-chemicals industry would have you believe, there are fundamental changes needed in your approach to farming. Talborne can assist by sharing best practices and providing relevant contacts in the field who can assist you further.

General advice:

Because farming is incredibly complex, we believe that no single entity has all the answers, therefore we pride ourselves in our ability to assist our customers by linking them to our vast network of consultants, advisors, and industry bodies. That’s only possible through time spent in the industry and as pioneers in the soil health focussed fertilizer industry, Talborne has vast experience of working with innovative and successful farmers as well as witnessed farmers failing through poor planning or neglecting advice

Talborne offers the following Training Services:

Specialists in Soil Health and Plant Nutrition.

Talborne shares our knowledge actively by partaking in seminars and offering bespoke training courses. Our qualified trainers can present to industry bodies, study groups, developing farmers and even colleges and universities. 

Training is offered in units ranging between half a day and three days. Topics covered include Fundamentals of Organic growing; Introduction to Regenerative agriculture; Understanding Soil health and more. Connect with us for more information.

Join us in Growing Health: Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants = Healthy People

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