Soil Care Organic Earthworm Castings

SoilCare is 100% pure, organic earthworm castings, a premium soil conditioner with rich humus content which regenerates and adds beneficial microbial life to soils, thereby promoting robust plant, tree and crop growth and resilience to pests and diseases.

Earthworms are renowned for their crucial role in the creation, maintenance and functioning of fertile soils since the beginning of time.  So important is their function that they are considered and celebrated as indicators of soil fertility. Their castings are rich in humus, beneficial microbes and natural plant stimulants which lead to healthy plants and fertile soils. When no earthworms are to be found, this is a sure sign of degraded, contaminated, depleted soil with poor productive potential. To correct these soils, conditioning with Talborne SoilCare earthworm castings which are produced by processing dairy manure from naturally grazed cows through the renowned recycling red wriggler earthworms, are recommended. 

Works best when used in conjunction with Talborne Vita Organic Fertilisers.

(Approved input for Certified Organic by Control Union for EU & US NOP standard)

Product Benefits

  • Adds Organic matter (Humus) to the soil which increases nutrient and water-holding capacity
  • It contains a large and diverse quantity of beneficial microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi & protozoa which are proven to have the following benefits:
  • Unlocks Nutrients in the soil helping them become plant available – makes fertilizer go further!
  • Suppresses plant disease, root rot and pest attacks
  • Improves soil structure by increasing aggregation, thereby reducing compaction, allowing for better aeration and water retention
  • Full of natural plant growth hormones including Auxins, Gibberellins, Cytokinin.
  • A bio-available source of nutrition containing macro, minor and micronutrients for best results in commercial farming use in conjunction with Talborne Organic Fertilizers
  • Odourless & weed free
  • Approved as an input for Organic farming (US NOP & EU)
  • Easy to use
  • SoilCare are pure earthworm castings, concentrated, so only small quantities are required (no bulking agents or compost added)


Available in 5dm, 15dm and 50 dm bags or 1 000m³ bulk bags.


Store under cover out of direct sunlight.

Vermicast contains living microbes, so it is best to use straight after purchase. It can however be stored for up to 6 months.

Health and Safety:

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND ANIMALS. Not intended for ingestion. Wear protective clothing and wash hands after handling product. In case of accidents or feeling ill, seek medical assistance and show copy of this label


Great care is taken to ensure the quality of this product; however, Talborne Organics cannot control the conditions of use, or guarantee the suitability of the product for each unique application, therefore Talborne Organics cannot be held liable for the results, injury or damages resulting from the use of this product, alone or in combination with other materials. If the product is proven to be of poor quality, or is damaged, we undertake to replace it.

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