Nourish 7:1:2 (10) Leafy Greens

Nourish ‘from Plants for Plants’ is a range of 100% plant based liquid organic fertilizers, rich in natural amino acid Nitrogen (N), Potassium (K), Carbohydrates and Sugars. Nutrients from Nourish are readily assimilated to grow healthy plant tissue, resulting in vigorous and productive crops.

The high level of Nitrogen promotes the formation of plant tissue and chlorophyll, increasing photosynthesis and energy for robust leaf development and green leafy crops, resistant to climatic stress, so productivity is optimized. Feed from planting, until crop is ready for harvest. It includes Minor and Micro – Nutrients, which prevent deficiency diseases, increasing crop yields.

(Approved input for Certified Organic by Control Union for EU & US NOP standard)

Product Benefits

  • 100% plant-based fertilizer, ‘From Plants for Plants’
  • Nitrogen from Amino Acids are easily absorbed
  • Rich in carbohydrates and sugars (Mono, Di- and Polysaccharides) to promote healthy soil life
  • Organic Carbon for efficient uptake of nutrients
  • Grow Nutrient dense food and crops
  • Ideal for Organic Vegan & Vegetarian growing
  • Sustained nutrient uptake ensures stable plant growth
  • Improves plant resilience and stress tolerance to abiotic (growing conditions) & biotic (pest & disease)
  • Protects crops against climatic extremes as nutrients are available to plants at high or low temperatures



How to use:

Application Rates:

Application Guidelines:

Storage and Packaging Information:


Must be stored closed, dry, in frost-free place, away from direct sunlight. Large or sudden temperature changes may cause crystals.

Nourish is free of preservatives and therefore long-term storage (1 year +) is not advised.


Packaging can be reused after thorough cleaning or can be recycled

Health and Safety:

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND ANIMALS. Not intended for ingestionWear protective clothing and wash hands after handling product. In case of accidents or feeling ill,seek medical assistance and show copy of this label


Great care is taken to ensure the quality of this product; however, Talborne Organics cannot control the conditions of use, or guarantee the suitability of the product for each unique application, therefore Talborne Organics cannot be held liable for the results, injury or damages resulting from the use of this product, alone or in combination with other materials. If the product is proven to be of poor quality, or is damaged, we undertake to replace it

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